About Us:
This foundation was established to honor the memory of Greg Hodnett, a celebrated and respected sprint car driver whose life was cut short on September 20, 2018 during a race at BAPS Motor Speedway in Pennsylvania.

Our Goal:
Our goal is to establish The Survivor’s Benefit to help ease the financial burden of a driver’s family should they find themselves in a devastating situation over the loss of their loved one.

Who we serve/help:
The Greg Hodnett Foundation exists to provide financial support to the family of any race car driver whose life is lost, during competition, at a Central Pennsylvania race track.

Various fundraisers are scheduled in the near future and additional fundraisers will be held on an annual basis to increase revenues available for distribution as The Survivor’s Benefit.

Our Board:

The Greg Hodnett Foundation supports and encourages the racing community’s love, respect and support for one another on and off the track.  The Foundation’s mission is to augment that spirit through The Survivor’s Benefit when tragedy strikes.   

At The Greg Hodnett Foundation our vision is to help ensure that financial burdens can be lessened during a devastating time of need.  The Survivor’s Benefit is established to provide financial support to a race car driver’s family in the event of their death.